Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Bedwetting – Fear – Behaviour – ADHD – Sleepwalking

Feedback. “A 6 year old boy with attention disorders, anxiety, stress and self-confidence with anger, aggression issues and nightmares. Only the mother would agree to present the process and there is a history of family background distress but he has a

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Violence – Anger – Fear – Temper Tantrums

Consultants Feedback: The parents indicated that their daughter ‘S’ main presenting issue was that she is struggling with emotional regulation at home and at school. Her parents are very concerned at how much her behaviour had changed since she started

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Fear – Anger

Parent Feedback: “Yesterday ‘A’ woke complaining about a stomach-ache. I told her to remain calm, and it’s ok. She went off to school well. She also attended after school care. When I picked her up at 5.45pm she was smiling. She had a good day.

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Asperger Syndrome – Fear – Concentration

Parent Feedback: My 5-year-old son’s overall improvement is about 50%, with the level of fear regarding lights and animals have gone. His dog is now his best friend. The underlying fear of wires and the bathtub have disappeared and his interest in reading

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