Joane Goulding

Self Confidence – Anger – Separation Anxiety – Eating Issues

Consultants Feedback:

I connected with the family on a regular bases and the feedback shared with me that yes, she was seeing some amazing changes. Mum was excited to see her little boy was starting to express himself so much more calmly.  This change occurred 3 months from the 1st appointment. The parents shared that their son had not had any major meltdowns for the last 8 weeks, he was showing that he was regulating his emotions and able to calm himself down much quicker than before they started the process, and hadn’t been lashing out at his brother as much.

His eating was improving, and he was happy to try new things. The parents were feeling so relieved as they reflected on how far he had come. We discussed how there had been quite a few significant changes in the behaviour over the last 3 months we all decided to move to level 2. We explored what it was that needed some deeper support and we chose a specific statement. As we explored the outcomes we were looking for, in consultation with parents, together we chose a specific suggestion.

I went through the process again with the parents and shared with them the ‘sandwich method’ and the importance of how to present the suggestions. The subsequent feedback received from parents indicated that they were feeling incredibly relieved, excited and grateful to be able to deliver this process to their children. They felt they were able to release guilt and worry and focus on empowering their boys with positive words that really allowed them to express the love that want them to feel. They really hope many families can experience the process as it has changed their life.

Accredited Consultant: JO