Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Anger Management

Feedback. “An 8yr. old young girl is dealing with anger management, seeking attention, biting nails and arguing with her sibling. After commencing the SleepTalk process for a few weeks the nail bitting and augments with her sister improved. Ongoing

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Violence – Anger – Fear – Temper Tantrums

Consultants Feedback: The parents indicated that their daughter ‘S’ main presenting issue was that she is struggling with emotional regulation at home and at school. Her parents are very concerned at how much her behaviour had changed since she started

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Self Confidence – Anger – Separation Anxiety – Eating Issues

Consultants Feedback: I connected with the family on a regular bases and the feedback shared with me that yes, she was seeing some amazing changes. Mum was excited to see her little boy was starting to express himself so much more calmly.  This change

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Repetitive Behaviour – Anger – Sibling Rivalry

Consultant Feedback: “This young man is aged 7, dealing with high levels of anxiety which manifested in repetitive behaviour and extreme sibling rivalry. His anxiety was compounded when unable to deal with high expectations that he would be interested and

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Fear – Anger

Parent Feedback: “Yesterday ‘A’ woke complaining about a stomach-ache. I told her to remain calm, and it’s ok. She went off to school well. She also attended after school care. When I picked her up at 5.45pm she was smiling. She had a good day.

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