Joane Goulding


I would love the opportunity to talk with you as this method isn’t a cure for illnesses, but a gentle way to enhance your child’s self-esteem, creating positive energy in their lives. It’s about parents giving emotional hugs not just the physical ones. You have only to read some of the case studies to see that it’s about fertilising your child’s mind with the power of the positive and giving your child the greatest gift of all: an attitude of happiness and confident self-esteem.

So request a free conversation with the Founder of this Proven Parenting Solution – get in touch with me, or select one of the below options.

Helping children to have a healthy self-esteem is the best gift you can give, because as parents we only have a small window of opportunity to make a positive impact in our children’s lives. If your child is between the ages of 18 months – 16 years of age, this 2 minute method presented while they sleep touches every aspect of their life. And yes – it lasts for life.

I would like to conclude with the following quote: A Physician once said: “the best medicine for humans is love.”  Someone asked: “what if it doesn’t work?”  He smiled and said: “just increase the dose”. Anonymous

Joane Goulding is based in Melbourne, Australia, and provides sessions via Skype or Zoom.

One-on-one Support

Please purchase one of these support packages for one-on-one support with your child.

Option 1

This primary option incorporates individual sessions and personal 6 month one-on-one discussions with Joane Goulding. Three extended Skype sessions during the 6 months will enable Joane to record appropriate mind-profile case history information and progress identification. This ensures the presenting issues and concerns are both identified and resolved over the 6 month period. All supporting resources are included and a payment plan is available.


Option 2

Great value as this option includes a personal on-line initial mind-profile case history session, followed by fortnightly sessions with Joane over 4 months. The parents’ initial mind-profile discussion identifies the presenting issues and the on-going personal discussions ensure acceptance of both the initial method and the subsequent consolidation. A positive outcome of change for the family is the end result of the weekly support via on-line discussions. Resources are supplied.


Option 3

The initial on-line discussion with Joane explains in detail the basic Foundation method and a mind-profile is created to identify the presenting issues. The Foundation resources are supplied to enable parents to commence the method confidently. This 2 month package is supported with ongoing weekly discussions via the internet with Joane.


Option 4

An initial discussion supported with weekly on-line sessions to assist parents as they continue working with the method. This option is offered as a weekly package of support available to parents who have worked with the Foundation method and require additional support to assist in the consolidation of the changes occurring. The 4 weekly online sessions will assist to consolidate changes.


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