Joane Goulding
Joane Goulding

Joane Goulding is an experienced, internationally recognised educator, and founder of the Goulding Method, a ground-breaking Proven Parenting Solution, that parents can learn to help their own children overcome a variety of issues.

Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. I created the Goulding Method, offering parents a loving, effective, self-empowering opportunity to support their families. It is a simple, safe method for parents helping children establish a sense of emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance. The Goulding Method is taught by members of the healing professions around the world.


Contact me for a short FREE discussion regarding specific issues you’re dealing with. I look forward to supporting you.

Joane Goulding offers parents a guaranteed program of online support via Skype. So if your distressed child is causing you concern and you feel as though you’re on a merry-go-round of endless consultations and dead ends – read on!

Joane also been there and done that, and frustratingly for many years without results! Perhaps your child is trying to deal with anxiety, sibling rivalry, bedwetting, temper tantrums or separation anxiety, just to name a few issues?

So way back in the 1970’s Joane developed the Goulding Method 

The method creates emotional resilience, helps with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour, balances sibling rivalry and separation anxiety.

2016: Hall of Fame Award – Presented by Robert Otto: IMDHA / IACT President

It’s internationally accredited and Joane has devoted her professional life sharing the knowledge of this very simple, drug-free and yet profoundly essential method with thousands of parents all over the world.

Joane is the creator and author of numerous accredited training qualifications, including the Goulding Method, the bio-psychosocial aspect of stress management and emotional development.

Her professional qualifications span a wide range of the areas relevant to Education, Training, Supervision, and Psycho-nutrition.

In 2016 a worldwide association based in the USA IACT and IMDHA awarded Joane the International Hall of Fame Award.

Between 1974 – 2002 Joane and her late husband Jim Goulding were Directors of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Victoria, Australia.