Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Sensory Processing, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Sleep Issues, Anxiety

Joane is a wealth of knowledge and is extremely caring and supportive. I cannot thank her enough for her work and can’t wait to see how this journey continues to unfold. I have become very aware to discuss any medical or negative conversations about my

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Dyspraxia – Nail Bitting – Anxiety – OCD – Sibling Rivalry – Separation Anxiety

Feedback: “A 6 year old boy diagnosed with dyspraxia, anxiety and OCD issues. He is often anxious, insecure and needs a lot of rituals to feel reassured and secure. He has also developed OCD behaviour which appear in situations of stress, fear or

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Hi Joane, I have restarted the Goulding Process with my son but only about a week ago.  I have been struggling to do all the things I know I should have been doing over last couple of months with so much of my attention going on the legal side to protect my

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Anxiety – Frustration – Behaviour Issues – Nightmares

A 3-and-a-half year old boy who lives with his parents and younger sister.. Although a good family atmosphere, the parents decided to commence the process because they felt their son was overwhelmed by his emotions, leading to server frustration (rolls on the

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Confidence – Concentration – Anxiety

The parents feedback indicates this child lacks confidence, is anxious and has trouble with concentration but at the end of the first phase she has made progress. She is calmer, more tender and attentive with her parents and no longer has nocturnal enuresis.

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