Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Sleeping – Temper Tantrums – Behaviour

Feedback: “2 year old girl has difficult falling asleep and wakes up every night needing her parents causing them lots of fatigue. A number of physical issues have occurred to this young girl to cause ongoing trauma and anxiety linked to bedtime sleeping.

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Violence – Anger – Fear – Temper Tantrums

Consultants Feedback: The parents indicated that their daughter ‘S’ main presenting issue was that she is struggling with emotional regulation at home and at school. Her parents are very concerned at how much her behaviour had changed since she started

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Temper Tantrums – Speech

Parents report that at the end of Phase 1 & 2, their child’s anxiety has decreased and there was an improvement in the reading, writing and speaking. As a direct result, it is more peaceful at home as the temper tantrums have lessened and he is more

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