Joane Goulding


Hi Joane, I have restarted the Goulding Process with my son but only about a week ago.  I have been struggling to do all the things I know I should have been doing over last couple of months with so much of my attention going on the legal side to protect my son. I have re-read your book also to help me get it all back in my body.

I am feeling so deeply grateful though that the Goulding information came into our lives when my son was younger and he has had it for so long, so hoping me being back on track with it will help him a lot.  It has reminded me of how much I love the process with him.  It feels like a deep connection and I have the checklist ready to note any observations in behaviour.

I have one question though around pace and tone.  I have recorded a little segment for you to see if you have any feedback for me.  I find trying to slow my pace which makes my voice sound a bit awkward and clunky so would love you feedback.

Reply: Thank you so much Joane. It has eased my mind knowing the pace is ok.  Absolutely we are back into it. I love it. So glad I did it with him for about 8 months when he was younger.

Any natural therapist or doctor that sees him and even his Kindy teacher has said he is an amazingly well adapted balanced toddler. Many thanks I believe to the Goulding Process, hence why I am keen to keep doing it. I want him to sustain that level of balance even with visitations with his father over the coming years.

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