Joane Goulding

Bullying – Sibling Rivalry – Education

Liliane introduced me to Goulding Method Sleeptalk at the beginning of this year after I had mentioned to her about the constant fighting between my 2 oldest children. I had never heard of it prior to this but was instantly intrigued as I have always believed in the power of words. On top of the fighting and bullying of his sibling, we had also been experiencing other unpleasant behaviour from my oldest son such as disrespectful and moody behaviour, attitude and complete disinterest and lack of motivation with school.

Liliane was knowledgeable and informative when she first introduced me to the Sleeptalk technique and procedure. I was impressed with how simple the process seemed!

I did feel a little awkward in the beginning, but found it became more natural within a couple of weeks.

I began to notice behavioural changes with my oldest son quite quickly within the first few weeks, and honestly thought that maybe it was just a coincidence. The thing that really convinced me that Sleeptalk was making a difference was when we went away on a family holiday for a few days over Easter. We were all sleeping in one room so I decided to give the Sleeptalk routine a break while we were away as I felt I couldn’t implement it properly there. Even though we were doing fun activities for the kids my oldest sons attitude became particularly grotty all of a sudden! Once we were home and I started implementing the routine again his attitude and behaviours once again improved! I found it quite surprising.

I have found that over time his attitude has improved even more. He has become more agreeable, co-operative, respectful, more pro-active and less argumentative with household chores. He has also become more motivated with a better attitude towards school and work. For such a quick and simple routine that anyone can easily implement I think that the benefits of Sleeptalk are fantastic and definitely worthwhile.

Parent Queensland