Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Self Confidence – Anger – Separation Anxiety – Eating Issues

Consultants Feedback: I connected with the family on a regular bases and the feedback shared with me that yes, she was seeing some amazing changes. Mum was excited to see her little boy was starting to express himself so much more calmly.  This change

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Confidence – Concentration – Anxiety

The parents feedback indicates this child lacks confidence, is anxious and has trouble with concentration but at the end of the first phase she has made progress. She is calmer, more tender and attentive with her parents and no longer has nocturnal enuresis.

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Developing Confidence

Parent Feedback: “At age 3 ‘E’ had issues eating her breakfast, throwing tantrums daily, shouting and her aggressive periods of behaviour became a common occurrence. She had no energy, was exhausted and depressed (particularly as she woke up). When

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