Joane Goulding

Changing family dynamics

Dear Joane, that day I got tears in my eyes by getting the response from my son in just a few days of me doing the process every night. It gave me confidence that if this process is done diligently by heart, it can change the dynamics of the family and will bring the overall well-being.

You have given the world this process and the best of you. You are not only my teacher, Guru, indeed an Earth Angel. Your light will always shine upon us and the families you have impacted with your creation of the “Goulding Process”. 

Hope to connect with you to hear your inspiring voice someday. It will be a blessing.

You take care and be rest assured that you have empowered us with the Goulding Process and we will carry this light to empower others in need.

I join my hands to say, thank you and I love you Joane.

You are an inspiration and will always be, not only as a Mentor but as a strong woman, who gave me the belief that no matter what in life, a single mother can thrive and I will thrive too. With lots of love and gratitude.

2022 – Consultant Singapor