Joane Goulding

Mental Health – Eating – School – Fear

The Goulding Method has been a huge catalyst for change for ‘A’ and wonderful feedback from ‘A’s’ mum and dad has been received: ‘A’ is a completely different boy to when we started working with you”, his mum explained when we recently spoke.

The final Mind Profile questionnaire was wonderful to see, and the results reinforced during our conversation. ‘A’ is now happy at school and the first to be ready for school each day. He has adopted a new habit of cold showers every morning and I have had a recent text message to let me know this is still continuing. He is going to the gym several times a week, has made a new set of close friends and loving his time at football.

He is continuing to eat well and has become a healthy eater. Mum delighted in the fact that his tendency to ‘comfort’ eat with chocolate has been replaced with a new desire to make smoothies and eat pumpkin seeds. ‘A’ has also set a new screen saver for his alarm stating ‘today is going to be a great day’. Unfortunately, the bullying is continuing to some extent and this is being addressed by school. This perhaps makes it even more remarkable that ‘A’ is able to stay resilient and upbeat despite the difficulties he continues to experience. Mum and dad are convinced the Goulding Sleeptalk Method has been the catalyst for much change. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey for us all.

The two minute gift with changes that will last a life time.

UK: Consultant