Joane Goulding

Case Histories

Dyspraxia – Nail Bitting – Anxiety – OCD – Sibling Rivalry – Separation Anxiety

Feedback: “A 6 year old boy diagnosed with dyspraxia, anxiety and OCD issues. He is often anxious, insecure and needs a lot of rituals to feel reassured and secure. He has also developed OCD behaviour which appear in situations of stress, fear or

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Repetitive Behaviour – Anger – Sibling Rivalry

Consultant Feedback: “This young man is aged 7, dealing with high levels of anxiety which manifested in repetitive behaviour and extreme sibling rivalry. His anxiety was compounded when unable to deal with high expectations that he would be interested and

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Separation Anxiety – Sibling Rivalry

Parent Feedback: There is a 20 month age gap between our two daughters, L and C. The sisterly love is strong, and both are lovely children. However, at the age of 4y and 6y they were displaying some difficult behaviours in regards to fighting for my

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Bedwetting – Sibling Rivalry

This young girl is also dealing with bedwetting (enuresis) and sibling rivalry with her little brother of whom she is very jealous. After the first phase, the parents noticed a huge improvement, she is more serene and the sibling rivalry is

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