Joane Goulding

Developing a Child’s Emotional Resilience (mp4 video)




This 90 minute video was recorded in NZ at the 2010 Australian & NZ Counselling Association conference. Edited 2022.

In this video Joane discusses how the Goulding Method works to balance children’s anxiety, stress, and relationships, and demonstrates the positive down line ramifications of change and calmness that the Goulding Method creates which permeates throughout the entire family.  The background of these issues, and the remarkable effects experienced by thousands of families by applying what is now called the Goulding Method, will be discussed.

Today’s parents are faced with a myriad of challenges that their parents never dreamt of, they are however expected to manage or deal with the problems their children are experiencing. These include the all-too-frequent diagnoses of Asperger’s, Autism, ADD or ADHD, or fearful children affected by constant TV images of death, trauma, danger and destruction, bullying in schools and at home, the threat of ‘stranger danger’, the possibility of behavioural effects resulting from chemicals in food…the list is long and worrying.

Joane offers professionals and parents an absolutely safe, ethical solution in the Goulding Method which has been aptly called “the mind’s firewall” protecting against negative suggestion, similar to a computer firewall which protects it from outside interference, viruses and damage. The presentation includes  the background information of the process which is appropriate for children with difficulties, and children with none and includes a discussion regarding the ‘Top Hat’ therapy, the underlying strategy of the Goulding Method. This enables it to be accepted by the child’s subconscious mind, empowering parents as they strive to assist their family. This powerful solution produces a range of positive results if presented consistently and it will be demonstrated that it is easy to learn, can’t be “done wrong”, and takes parents only a few minutes at bedtime.

Joane clearly states the Goulding Method is not a cure for illnesses, but a gentle way to teach and empower parents to enhance their child’s self-esteem, creating a positive effect in changing unwanted behaviours and making their life more positive.  She discusses case studies demonstrating how the process helps with emotionally-based children’s issues, which include and are as varied as: Bed wetting, Nail biting, Aggression, Behaviour management, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Trauma, Education and study issues, Concentration, Health issues, Nightmares/Terrors, Co-operation, Sibling rivalry, asthma, Eating disorders, Speech, Shyness/fearfulness, Bullying, and saying ‘No’ when it is appropriate. Children who are emotionally dysfunctional or diagnosed with ‘Autism’ appear to respond extremely well to the process which is also about assisting to rebalance the dynamics and issues within the family, because it’s the parents that also gain so much from this empowering process.

Joane discusses the behaviour modifications that the Goulding Method creates and the calmness it manifests within the environment of the home. As a result of those changes, the positive down line ramifications of change start to permeate throughout the entire family.