Joane Goulding

Developing Confidence

Parent Feedback:

“At age 3 ‘E’ had issues eating her breakfast, throwing tantrums daily, shouting and her aggressive periods of behaviour became a common occurrence. She had no energy, was exhausted and depressed (particularly as she woke up). When hungry her blood sugar levels drop; she refuses to eat and becomes unmanageable, angry, shouts etc. She is low in confidence and when requested refuses to go to her room. I know she has emotional scaring from all the years of tantrums, anger and disappointed parents etc.”

Feedback received:

“We started the Goulding Process and I know it takes months for the brain to change and adapt but for the 2nd day in a row we’ve had a very happy girl wake up, which has set the tone for the entire family for the whole day. Its early days I know but I’m quietly encouraged,

It’s now been almost 2 months and both my husband and I are so grateful, delighted, relieved and elated in how our daughter (especially) but the whole family overall are going. Initially we had excellent progress in the 1st few weeks, then the feedback from ‘E’ as we went in each night became negative – “go away, go away”, so we would but only until she fell into a deeper sleep and we went in again. We now have a happier, calmer, child who cares for herself, her sisters and others.

She’s grown in confidence, forgives and moves on, overall a positive mindset, and little things don’t set her off like they did. Yah! She’s acting her age and we are so happy to see she is getting ready to thrive again.  The other day she said, “That’s because I’m awesome mum”, in which I agreed, “You certainly are”. These are statements she would not have said before.  She believes them too, I can see it & feel it from her.

I’m so grateful we found your programme, as it is indeed very simple to implement. The sibling rivalry disappeared almost overnight also. I’ve watched the bond between her siblings grow over these last 2 months, it’s always been there but has increased tremendously with happier & calmer kids. We are very grateful.”

Private Client: 2020