Joane Goulding

Separation Anxiety – Sibling Rivalry

Parent Feedback: There is a 20 month age gap between our two daughters, L and C. The sisterly love is strong, and both are lovely children. However, at the age of 4y and 6y they were displaying some difficult behaviours in regards to fighting for my attention. When other adults were around it was less apparent but when it was just mum and the girls they would fight for my attention and bedtimes could be very difficult when my husband was away. The sibling fights were frustrating and it felt like I was acting as a mediator from the minute they woke up until they were asleep. The Goulding Method has helped a great deal with sibling rivalry. Our eldest is more positive now and her sister displays far less jealousy. The process also assisted our youngest to cease her thumb sucking habit.
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